French Supplementary School


The French Supplementary School Method: 

Our  method has been developed  with the English speakers in mind.

Our approach is unique and designed to appeal to children's imagination through songs, story telling, games and art based activities.

We use exercise books and audio resources to support children's initial understanding of French.   

Children will  then go on to learn the French pronunciation rules, which will be a big help as they make progress!

Through Role play, Homework projects and various Celebrations and events, children are encouraged  to learn vocabulary and rehearse real-life situations that will be  useful in   building their confidence .

Every Saturday term time , We sing, we dance and play during each class.  We all have Fun without taking away the structure of the lesson. 


The French Supplementary School was founded in 2007 by French Speaking Cameroonian Mother Melanie Ngangen.   Melanie moved to Manchester with her 7 years old  son Dany who could only speak French and say few words and sentences in his native mother Tongue Fe'fe'  also known as Nufi.    Fe'fe' is a  Bamileke language spoken in Cameroon, around the town of Bafang .  

At School,  Dany was isolated and felt  frustrated by his inability to communicate with friends.   At home he was  always asking for help with English as he was desperate to  overcome his language barrier .  

Melanie soon realized  her son became fluent in English and was gradually losing his French and consequently his ties with extended  family and Heritage. 

As a response to the prominent need to retain cultural identity within the newly establishing French Speaking African community of Manchester,  Melanie established The French Supplementary School for children in 2007 and later supported the development of a charity for Young  French Speaking African and Families known as Ensemble Manchester .